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Manufacturer of PP Woven Sacks


Priyadarshini Polysacks Ltd. has its roots in the plastics industry in India, where it brought about a significant transformation in the agricultural, industrial, and commercial sectors by introducing innovative products like Polypropylene Raffia sacks, replacing traditional natural fiber sacks such as jute, cotton, and henequen. In 1985, Priyadarshini Polysacks Ltd. played a pivotal role in the shift from jute bags to polypropylene sacks for packing cement.

This establishment of the company was part of a strategic growth plan, allowing it to specialize as an independent and autonomous entity while maintaining leadership positions in various markets. We take pride in our nearly two decades of service to the nation and our valued customers. Starting modestly in 1984, Priyadarshini Polysacks Ltd. has rapidly grown to become one of India’s fastest-growing polypropylene woven sack manufacturers, evolving into a million-dollar industry with a global presence. Our primary focus is on manufacturing PP woven sacks for cement packaging.

This family-run business, led by founders Shri. N.C. Sanghvi and his sons, Shri. Shital N. Sanghvi (Executive Director) and Pritam N. Sanghvi (Director of Operations), is supported by a board of directors comprising highly qualified and experienced individuals from diverse fields to ensure efficient operations. Priyadarshini Polysacks Limited operates one of India’s largest integrated plants for the production of circular woven PP sacks and fabric, both laminated and unlaminated.

Headquartered in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India, Priyadarshini Polysacks Ltd. is an ISOcertified vertically integrated manufacturer of woven sacks. The company also has plans to produce ground tarpaulin, geo-textiles, and flexible intermediate bulk containers, catering to the growing demand in the export market as well as domestically.

The company’s unwavering commitment to quality and reliability has enabled it to navigate the challenges of the industry, establishing a reputation synonymous with quality and dependability in the field of packaging materials. With comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of the industry, from raw materials and equipment to the finished product, combined with a global market understanding, Priyadarshini Polysacks Ltd. continues to lead the industry by efficiently meeting global supply needs. Our reputation is built on a dedication to quality, exceptional service, a wide product range, and extensive product knowledge,allowing us to promptly and effectively fulfill all your packaging requirements. Our ongoing research and development efforts ensure that we can offer you the latest packaging technology solutions to meet your needs.