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Manufacturer of PP Woven Sacks

Woven sacks

Our product offerings are crafted from PP (Polypropylene) as per the specific requirements. They come in the form of finished circular woven sacks, which can be either printed or unprinted and laminated or unlaminated, tailored to meet the size and preferences of our customers. Additionally, we provide the option of corona treatment for printing upon request. Our material can also be supplied in the form of tubular or flat fabric, available in continuous lengths of up to 3000 meters. Should you require UV stabilized material, we can accommodate that request as well.

Priyadarshini Polysacks Ltd. has established itself as a prominent manufacturer of HPDE/PP woven sacks over the past several years. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and bolstered by extensive experience, Priyadarshini Woven Sacks are the natural choice for all your packaging needs.